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El Molí de la Torre was born from a family project led by La Bòbila Atelier, specialists in renovations and architectural projects. Our projects are special and unique and are full of illusion.
We have rehabilitated an old mill taking into account its artistic value using La Bòbila's own design techniques, as well as the restoration of old furniture, recovered pieces,... it is a style based on sensations, on awakening emotions through aromas, music , colors, textures,... Always respecting and being faithful to the original style of the complex.


MoliDeLaTorre-250621-HD (270).jpg

And we have turned it into a unique space to hold all kinds of events from a fashion show, shootings, press conferences, corporate meetings, cocktails, weddings, special ceremonies, concerts,... It is a space to enjoy, celebrate, unwind,... In addition to its exceptional architectural beauty, El Molí de la Torre offers all the necessary services and a team always available to advise you on everything you need and make your event a success.


Unique, magical, unrepeatable, accessible

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