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Salvador Dalí's inspiration space.
El Molino de la Torre is a majestic neoclassical mansion, restored in 1853. Located near Figueres in the municipality of El Far d'Empordà. It was built by Josep Roca y Bros and considered one of the most important farmhouses and farms in the Empordà and included in the Iventari of Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. 

Initially it was a flour mill and its own electricity was generated until 1950. Over time it has had several owners, the most notorious being the mezzo-soprano María Pichot i Gironès, known internationally as María Gay. 
Maria Gay was the owner of the Molino de la Torre between 1906 and 1926, although due to her international success she lived very little. His brother Pepito Pichot, a well-known botanist and creator of gardens, took care of the house (together with Joaquim Cusí and Marià Pujolar they were the promoters of Parque Bosque). The walls of the Mill keep the memory of the passage of little Salvador Dalí Domènech, who was the source of his inspiration, according to him.


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Dalí includes a drawing of the building and describes his first contact with El Molino de la Torre, saying that "it struck me as a magical place, it was made expressly for the continuation of my daydreaming and daydreaming" and also stated "in this place where most of my dreams, especially the erotic ones".

This but has lived through several projects, such as a luxury residence, the Naive Art Museum,... until it was brought to its current state. The current owner Josep Maria Plana and his family, also owners of La Bobila Atelier, acquired the property in 2018.

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