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Located just in front of the beautiful façade of the Mill with views of the imposing architectural protagonist tower of the Mill, we find the garden of the tower. The garden is bordered by stone walls that form a triangle enabled to carry out from small celebrations to massive events.


The space has a spectacular greenhouse where you can do all kinds of decorations and events such as unique and exclusive ceremonies. In this garden we also find the viewpoint with spectacular views of the Empordà lands that surround us.

The tower garden is the perfect setting where you can enjoy scents of lime blossom and magnolia, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment.

In this space you can celebrate unique ceremonies, different aperitifs, delicious welcome cocktails, dream banquets, private celebrations, crazy concerts, corporate presentations, conventions, mysterious filming, advertising spots, charming shootings,...


In the garden of the Tower a unique space is born, the greenhouse. A dream place designed by the La Bòbila team using materials such as cairats and glass that allow natural light to enter and connect with the nature of the place during the day and the light of the stars at night.


It has an area of 26m2.

Of special importance is its spectacular lighting and the design of the ceiling that allows it to support hanging decorations, making it a dream corner.


In this space you can celebrate from small ceremonies, welcome drinks, tasty aperitifs, various receptions, private celebrations, seating plans with character, special photocalls, corporate presentations, curious filming, advertising spots, different shootings,...

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Located at the garden end of the tower.


Making it an intimate and cozy space that allows you to relax and enjoy the moment. It is a corner with character and essence, quiet and surrounded by mysterious and wild Empordà lands that transmit sensations that you have not enjoyed in a long time.


In this space you can celebrate from small ceremonies, welcome drinks in style, intimate aperitifs, receptions with views, special seating plans, charming photocalls, advertising spots, ideal for shootings,...


We are not sure that this was the case, but it makes us think that Dalí set up his easel and his paintings here and spent several summer afternoons painting these changing landscapes.


The most authentic place for lovers of nature in its purest form, surrounded by impressive mulberry trees. Its large dimensions, the impressive views of the farmhouse and the fields that surround the house, make this space an absolutely unique and versatile environment with endless possibilities when it comes to creating your moment.


The shadows of the mulberry trees in our garden will be the perfect setting to create a romantic and old-fashioned atmosphere.


It has a total area of 700m2.


Jasmine and rosemary provide delicious fragrances that will accompany cocktails, tastings and toasts. In short, we offer a unique natural and architectural environment in the Empordà where the experiences will not go unnoticed by those who experience them.


In this space you can celebrate from romantic ceremonies, special aperitifs, sensational banquets, personalized events, corporate presentations, charming filming, advertising spots, shootings with nature, …

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A space that surrounds you with its magic and is capable of isolating you from everything that happens outside.


It is the heart of the mill, where anything can happen. Surrounded by recovered stone walls that cause a rustic and cozy atmosphere.


This space is connected to the pool and the mulberry area. It also has an upper space as a stage for a good music group during an aperitif, a spectacular photocall, an authentic wedding dance... The patio offers you total privacy and exclusivity that allows you to enjoy the moment.


In the patio you can enjoy a spectacular religious ceremony, an authentic aperitif, welcome your guests, an outdoor party,...

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The room attached to the industrial patio, an ideal interior corner for

make different events and scenographies a reality and give

warmth to an idea.


We wanted to preserve its original essence with old architectural elements and vintage furniture with modern touches and rustic decoration that make it really special. It has impressive views of the industrial patio so that the two spaces are integrated into one.


It has an area of 82m2.


It has a lot of natural light, ideal for special banquets, intimate meetings, dream ceremonies,... ideal for an alternative plan in case of bad weather.

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The majestic room of the Molí de la Torre is located on the ground floor and has direct access to the garden of the tower. The two spaces can be integrated into one and in this way you can have a larger space with direct access to the outside.


As a characteristic, we highlight its arches and the stately and elegant decoration with its own design of the furniture set as a noble hall of the estate.


It has an area of 161m2 and large doors and windows overlooking the garden. It could be used as a plan B if the weather is not right.


It is a multipurpose room perfect for holding different celebrations such as special ceremonies, aperitifs with character, seated banquets, crazy dances, private celebrations to suit the client, concerts, corporate presentations, filming with essence, advertising spots, shootings that make people fall in love, workshops of crafts, showrooms for powerful brands, fashion shows...


The pool is in an idyllic setting, surrounded by nature in its purest form. It has a different and exclusive touch that allows you to relax and enjoy a privileged environment in the heart of the Empordà.


With important visits to the mulberry trees and with the support of an absolutely unique wooden porch of its own design to be able to carry out a showcooking, a special decoration, a beautiful wedding dance,...

A wide variety of events can be held in the pool, whether it be a welcome cocktail, a soaking aperitif, spectacular shootings, special decorations can be made,... and there we leave you with your imagination.

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If the gardens of the mill are beautiful, the hall does not stay  nothing behind. Totally own details preserving the  architecture of the time and getting a decoration  exquisite.


It is not just any hall, it is a hall where you can

receive your guests, make a spectacular shooting,  give a welcome drink, a music group,…


It is a very busy access since the services are

found in the same hall. The hall gives access to both the patio  industrial as to the garden of the tower.


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